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About Robbie

Robbie Pence

has over 10 years of experience working as a technician/trainer for individuals and major companies around the world.

When he saw the severe lack of empathy for those who didn't feel comfortable with their technology - he started Trueflame Tech.

Curious about my personal technology?

I use a lot of technology, and it's always changing! When recommending things, I recommend what I would use myself at the budget given.

Here's what I use, and have used, over the years!

Current Hardware


Home-built Desktop PC

Past Hardware


  • Emachines c2160 / Palm Visor / PowerMac G4
  • Gateway MX6453 / iPod Touch / 'Lamp' iMac / Palm Treo
  • Asus eee 701 / P4 IBM ThinkVista / iPod Touch
  • Custom C2D Desktop / misc P3 & P4 ThinkPads / P4 ToughBook / MyTouch 3G Slide
  • HP DM4-1265DX / Galaxy Nexus / Aluminum iMac / MacBook Pro
  • Dell Inspiron 15 / Galaxy Note 2
  • Custom Desktop mark 2 / 2010 era White C2D MacBook / OnePlus One
  • T440s / Nexus 5X
  • T420s
  • T420
  • 2009 era White C2D Macbook
  • HP Z420

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