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I'm picky. You should be too.

I like to keep things simple and affordable - the sale isn't over just because it's in your hands.

Every device sold includes an hour of tutoring and data transfer from your old device. 

It's hard to argue with an all-inclusive experience.

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The Affordable Reliable Laptop - Refurbished ThinkPad - $350

These laptops are built to last, and are leagues ahead of what any consumer-grade technology in this price range is new. With more storage, durability, screen space, and port options than anything you can buy in a retail store, it's no surprise this model is a favorite of nerds and businesses alike.

I personally use ThinkPads more than any other laptop for my work, and nothing comes close in quality.

The Modern Reliable Laptop - Refurbished ThinkPad (Newer!) -  $450

I have personally owned this unit, and sold several.

More powerful, and has longer battery life.

The Professional Grade Desktop - Refurbished ThinkCentre - $450

I have personally owned one of this line, and sold several.

Even more durable than their mobile counterparts, and more upgradable!

Equipped with DVD drives upon request for no additional cost!

Similar, workstation grade models for video editing, compiling, or CAD available at custom pricing upon request.

Phones and Tablets

These phones are not subsidized - but rather, bought outright. This saves you a ton on your monthly bill. For many, a GOOD smartphone plan is only $40/month!

Need a cheaper (or better) cell service provider?

I wrote an article on exactly that - and I can help you switch to one of these carriers when you get a phone from me!

Let me know your budget for a smartphone or tablet, and we'll find one for you!


Modern, Simple, and Secure Router - $250

In the light of major security breaches like KRACK, it is more important than ever to buy your devices from companies that will keep them up top date with security patches - else, you need to buy new ones every time a major security event happens. And that's crazy.

This router is made by a company that has consistently put out excellent products - Ubiquiti.

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