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The Trueflame Tech Difference

When Trueflame Tech started, it wasn’t just a another support service out to make a buck.

I saw a gap - there were plenty of tech companies to choose from that could remove a virus, replace a hard drive, or screw in a smart light bulb - but how many of them took the time to explain things?  And if you don't really know how to use it - is your problem truly solved?

Further - how many of them sell only things that they would personally be willing to buy?

The answer was, not many. None had all the core principles (at least not when combined with experience) that I would hope they would have. 

There were none that I would feel comfortable recommending anyone to. So here's what I did:

I started Trueflame Tech. 

Here are our principles.

Before, and after as needed. Want technical details? I’ve got those too.

For every computer, phone, or router purchased, I’ll give you up to an hour and a half of one on one tutoring and QA. Have more questions after? A discount is available for additional tutoring time.

For everything except tutoring/ training,  we charge per service, not per hour - so you don’t need to worry about things ‘taking longer than expected’. At least if we need to say it, it’s no additional cost to you.

I’m very picky about what I’m willing to buy, as experience in the industry showed me most offerings aren't worth buying. You won't get junk here. If you need me to fit into a budget, I’ll try my best do so without lowering that bar.

If the job requires parts, the cost of the parts will also be discussed beforehand - again, no surprises. We don’t like negative surprises, you probably don’t either. 

You hired me because it isn’t your field, and whatever yours is isn’t mine. You might be a teacher, nurse, mechanic or a neurosurgeon - no one is ‘stupid’ for wanting to learn.

Smart geeks buy refurbished business-class computers because they’re high-end, well-designed, and they last. Best part? They’re affordable. Companies buy them in bulk, then tend to upgrade every two years. I lean heavily towards selling these units, because I have had excellent experiences with them. When you buy from me, you get what the smart nerds get. 

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