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Consumer Services

Computer work or one on one Q&A - simplified.

Quality and prices that can't be beat, undercutting services like those offered by big-box stores' by as much as 75%1.

Plus, I come to you!

No surprise costs or fees. Learn more about what makes us different from the rest here.

The Options for Tutoring/QA

(Our most popular service!)

2 Hours of Patient Tutoring, One on One QA


The Options for Cleanups and Tune Ups

(More info below options!)

‘The Essential Maintenance’ - Improve performance, and keep your computer safe. $140

Cleanup to improve performance - bring your computer back to life. End result? Equal to or better than new operation. Free antivirus and adblocker included. Viruses? Not anymore!

‘The Complete Tune-Up’ - Improve performance, and get a one on one lesson to help you keep everything running smoothly. Pays for itself! $175

Includes everything in ‘The Essential’ package plus up to an hour long Q&A session. Guided if you don’t have specific questions.

Need Other Upgrades?

I can get parts for you at-cost and install them for no additional cost when you pay for The Complete Tune Up. Some laptops and all-in-ones are especially difficult to open, and this offer may not apply to them.

Cleanups and Tune Ups

The options above are not varying degrees of quality, as they may seem - but depend on what the computer needs to reach desired performance level.

You choose whether you want ‘functional’ (functioning as well as it did before infection/misconfiguration) or ‘maximum’ (better than new!) performance, and I can tell you after the free analysis which service is necessary to achieve your goal.

All options for cleanup include the following features.

I will:

  1. remove any junkware, viruses, etc.
  2. Install helpful tools
  3. Activate free antivirus and advertisement blockers that you never need pay a subscription fee for
  4. Free high-quality applications will be installed for any need- Photo/document auto-backup, an office suite, image editors, video editors, and more. All legal, free licenses.

All prices below are for service only, part cost will be provided in advance.

Need anything else?


(1 hour minimums. Anything beyond 15 minutes is considered a billable hour.)

The Options for Website Creation & Training

(Don't get stuck depending on someone else!)

Facebook and Google Pages - Best Bang for Your Buck! Everything most businesses need! - $300

A great Facebook and Google Listing, starter media and training. Up to three hours of training, spread out over two weeks as necessary. Includes a Google Maps listing, which is the best digital way to bring the people to you!

Pages I've made!

Time for a new, or new-to-you high-end computer? Check out the Sales page.

Free recycling of your old equipment with all sales and service.

Questions? There might be answers below!


  • Yes, I can remotely connect to your computer if you request it!
  • References can be found on the Facebook and Google pages. Links at the bottom of this page can direct you to them!
  • I do resell computers, and can also help you choose one for yourself. Just give me a price range! I'll find you the best computer (or smartphone, or tablet...) for your budget.
  • I do recommend and support Windows 10 if you are using a PC, and every technician should. Check out my article on why updates are important by clicking here for the 'why'.
  • XP, Vista, 7, or 8 computer? Microsoft and security experts agree - you can have no expectation of security with XP or Vista - and the others are not as well supported as 10 either. I offer computers for nearly any budget on the Sales page. (click the link to see prices!)
  • I own, support, and repair Macs. I partner with CoreMac for more invasive repairs.
  • I do not repair smartphone or tablet hardware. (such as: screen or charging port)
  • I do upgrades for PC's and Macs.
  • Still running Windows 7 or Windows 8? Microsoft recommends Windows 10 for the security you expect, and their updates for their former OS's are not as effective at keeping you safe. Each of these services include upgrade to Windows 10 if needed, for as long as I can upgrade you at no cost to myself. I can upgrade with no additional ‘part charge’ for the upgrade for a limited time. I highly recommend it, and much of the negative press is rather over hyped. Used to 7/XP? I’ll make some tweaks to 10 to keep it more familiar if desired.

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