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Consumer Services

No surprise costs or fees. Learn more about what makes us different from the rest here.

Computer work or one on one Q&A - simplified.

Whether you need one-on-one tutoring, Q&A, or computer repair - the cost is the same!

  • $60 for the first hour, with $30 for each additional hour. (Plus any needed part cost, which you will be made aware of before receiving the bill.)
  • If I determine that your computer needs to go back to the office for a longer repair/upgrade, I will not charge you an hourly rate for the time I am not in your house - because you aren't there to see how long it took!
    • For in-office work, a cost will be set upfront, and no changes will be made to that quote without my following up first .

No Unnecessary Upsells!

With every repair, upgrade, or tutoring appointment, I provide the following as needed at no additional cost:

  1. Free antivirus and advertisement blockers that you never need pay a subscription fee for
  2. Free high-quality applications will be installed for any need- Photo/document auto-backup, an office suite, image editors, video editors, and more. All legal. No pirated Office or Windows licenses here.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I will be offering a flat rate $50 'Quick Fix' for video conferencing help.

Have a call coming up? Give me as much time in advance as you can, and we'll make sure you're ready for it - with either a fix/setup for your existing phone/tablet/computer, or a one day loan of a functioning laptop setup for zoom and webex.

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Time for a new, or new-to-you high-end computer? Check out the Sales page.

Free recycling of your old equipment with all sales and service.

Questions? There might be the answers you need below!


  • Yes, I can remotely connect to your computer if you request it! (No, I cannot connect afterwards without your permission!)
  • I do resell computers, and can also help you choose one for yourself. Just give me a price range! I'll find you the best computer (or smartphone, or tablet...) for your budget.
  • I do recommend and support Windows 10 if you are using a PC, and every technician should. Check out my article on why updates are important by clicking here for the 'why'.
  • XP, Vista, 7, or 8 computer? Microsoft and security experts agree - you can have no expectation of security with XP or Vista - and the others are not as well supported as 10 either. I offer computers for nearly any budget on the Sales page. (click the link to see prices!)
    • Are you REALLY fed up with Windows, but don't want a Mac? I offer alternative operating systems that may work for your use-case - Namely, Linux Mint.
  • I have owned, support, and repair Macs. I work with CoreMac for more invasive repairs.
  • I do not repair smartphone or tablet hardware, such as screens or charging ports. I suggest Fix in a Zip for those repairs.
  • I do upgrades for PC's and some Macs.
  • Still running Windows 7 or Windows 8? Microsoft recommends Windows 10 for the security you expect, and their updates for their former OS's are not as effective at keeping you safe. Each of these services include upgrade to Windows 10 if needed, for as long as I can upgrade you at no cost to myself. I can upgrade with no additional ‘part charge’ for the upgrade for a limited time. I highly recommend it, and much of the negative press is rather over hyped. Used to 7/XP? I’ll make some tweaks to 10 to keep it more familiar if desired.

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