IT Educational Goldmine

Thanks to /u/VA_Network_Nerd whose amazing Reddit comment this page is effectively a copy and paste of.

If you're looking to get into IT,

See if your school provides access to Microsoft DreamSpark.

Play with Windows Server, especially Active Directory.

Register for the Red Hat Developer Network.

Download RHEL and start learning Linux.

Linux is the single most powerful IT skill you can develop to prepare you for the widest array of possible career options.

Don't spend time on an A+ certification unless you really want to be a PC Support Tech after college.

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IT Certification Road Map

Cisco Training & certification Info Center

Juniper Networks Certification Programs

Microsoft Learning Info Center

Red Hat Certification Info Center

VMware Certification Info Center


Microsoft Learning Portal - Powered by EdX

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft MSDN Product Evaluation Center -- Free Downloads

Microsoft TechNet Product Evaluation Center -- More Free Downloads

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Free Trial Center

Microsoft Training Info Center

Microsoft Ignite Training Convention Video Center

Microsoft MSDN Video Training Portal

Cisco / Networking

Stanford University Free Intro to Networking Online Course

Cisco Learning Center - How to Study for CCNA for Free

Professor Messer's CompTIA Network+ Training Videos

Cybrary Free CCNA Training Videos

Cisco VIRL - Virtual Router & Firewall Training Tool

GNS3 Vault - Free Practice & Training Labs for Cisco Equipment

Cisco Live Training Convention Video Portal - Free Registration Required

Cisco Design Zone - Best Practices

PacketBomb - WireShark Training Center

NetCraftsmen - Network Consultants Blog

PacketPushers News & Podcasts

IOSHints - Ivan Pepelnjak's Blog/site

Cumulus Networks SDN Technical Videos

SDX Central - SDN Resources

Information/Computer/Network Security

SANS Reading Room

SANS Certifications

BlackHat Conferences @ YouTube

DEFCON Conferences @ YouTube

RSA Conference @ YouTube

Carnegie Mellon SoftEng Institute @ YouTube

CMU's Plaid Parliament of Pwning Competitive Hacking Team Blog

Cybrary - Open Source Security Learning

Krebs on Security blog

Google's Security Blog

US CERT - Computer Emergency Response Team blog

ISC2 - CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Linux Resources

Linux Foundation - Intro to Linux for Free

Linux Foundation - Online Course Catalog - some free some paid

DigitalOcean Linux Tutorials

Docker Self-Paced Training

USENIX Site Reliability Enginering Convention 2014 Presentations - Free

USENIX Site Reliability Enginering Convention 2015 Presentations - Free

USENIX Large Installation System Administration Conference 2014 Presentations - Free

USENIX Large Installation System Administration Conference 2015 Presentations - Free

PuppetConf Convention Videos 2014 - Free Registration Required

PuppetConf Convention Videos 2015 - Free Registration Required

ChefConf Convention Videos 2015

Ansible Video Resources - Including AnsibleFest Convention Videos

SaltStack Video Resources

VMware Resources

VMWorld Convention Session Playback

VMWare Hands-On-Labs Training Labs

The Best of Cisco Live

Cisco Live is Cisco's annual Technology expo & training convention.

All of these presentations are available for free here: - Many with video presentations of the lectures.

BRKARC-3001 - Cisco Integrated Services Router G2 - Architectural Overview and Use Cases (2013)

BRKARC-3001 - Cisco Integrated Services Router - Architectural Overview and Use Cases (2016)

BRKARC-2001 - Cisco ASR1000 Series Routers: System & Solution Architectures (2016)

BRKCRS-3147 - Advanced Troubleshooting of the ASR1K and ISR (IOS-XE) made easy (2016)

BRKARC-1009 - Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series Switching Architecture (2016)

BRKARC-3438 - Cisco Catalyst 3850 and 3650 Series Switching Architecture (2016

BRKCRS-3146 - Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 3650 / 3850 Series Switches (2016)

BRKARC-3445 - Cisco Catalyst 4500E Switch Architecture (2016)

BRKCRS-3142 - Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches (2015)

BRKARC-3465 - Cisco Catalyst 6800 Switch Architectures (2016)

BRKCRS-3143 - Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst 6500 / 6800 Series Switches (2015)

BRKARC-2222 - Cisco Nexus 9000 Architecture (2015)

BRKDCT-3101 - Nexus 9000 (Standalone) Architecture Brief and Troubleshooting (2016)

BRKCRS-1500 - Wired LAN Deployment Using the Cisco Validated Design for Campus (2016)

BRKCRS-2031 - Enterprise Campus Design: Multilayer Architectures and Design Principles (2016)

BRKCRS-2501 - Campus QoS Design-Simplified (2016)

Cisco Design Zone: Cisco Validated Designs for Campus Networks

Cisco Design Zone: Cisco Validated Designs for Branch Office Networks

BRKDCT-2218 - Data Center Design for the Midsize Enterprise (2016)

BRKSAN-2449 - Storage Area Network Extension Design and Operation (2015)

BRKSAN-2883 - Advanced Storage Area Network Design (2016)